Amiibo In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Dispense Helpful Items And Paraglider Cosmetics

It seems Amiibo will work in a similar fashion to Breath of the Wild.


After the announcement of a The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom Amiibo at the last Nintendo Direct, the company's official Twitter account has clarified how Amiibo will work in the upcoming game.

In short, Zelda-themed Amiibo will give the player materials and weapons, much like they did in Breath of the Wild. They can also provide various paraglider fabrics and which one you receive seems to be based on which Amiibo you use. Pictured fabrics include one based on Link's outfit in Tears of the Kingdom, one with a light blue pastel color and the symbol of Skyloft's Knights from Skyward Sword, and a glider fabric with a print of Majora's Mask from the game of the same name.

Exactly what each Amiibo will dispense and when is unclear. Amiibo from outside of the series may also grant useful items, like they did in the last game, but they will not provide Legend of Zelda-themed cosmetics or weapons. The Tears of the Kingdom Amiibo will release on the same date as the game, May 12.

A new teaser for the game showed a degraded Master Sword. At the aforementioned Direct, more Tears of the Kingdom footage was shown, showcasing weather effects, various enemies and the world above the surface of Hyrule. Link is also shown firing homing arrows, piloting various vehicles, as well as sliding on mining rails. You can also catch glimpses of what may be this game's run at Ganondorf. Tears of the Kingdom preorders are now live.

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