Bayonetta Origins Preorders Are Discounted For A Limited Time

The Bayonetta spin-off game arrives March 17, but you can preorder a copy now for only $49.


The next Bayonetta game for Nintendo Switch is almost here. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, a prequel spin-off, releases on March 17.. This installment in the beloved franchise is quite the departure from the mainline games, however, as you’ll be controlling two characters (Cereza and Cheshire) simultaneously as you navigate a colorful world from an isometric perspective. If you're looking forward it, you can preorder Bayonetta Origins for just $49 at Super Shop when using GameSpot's exclusive promo code GMSPTBYNT.

To cash in on the deal, head over to the Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon store page at Super Shop. You’ll see the game already listed at a discount ($55, down from $60), but after adding it to your cart and using the promo code GMSPTBYNT, it’ll drop all the way down to just $49--making this the cheapest way to get Bayonetta Origins at this time.

Though Super Shop offers free shipping that typically takes just a few days, you won't get release-day delivery. But if you're fine with not playing on launch day, you can't beat this deal.

Considering Bayonetta 3 launched back in October and is currently about the same price as Bayonetta Origins at Amazon GameStop, this might be the cheapest we see Origins for quite some time. So if you’re interested in checking the game out, be sure to swing by Super Shop and pick it up while you can. Preorder deals at Super Shop have been known to sell out.

For more on Bayonetta Origins, read our preview that covers all the big differences between this and previous installments. Looking for other Switch games to play? Maybe one of these other Switch deals will catch your eye.

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