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Jules also contributes to our sister sites XDA-Developers and Pocket-lint. He also was editor at our now-sister site, Pocketnow.

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro titanium page 1
This isn't a promo for the iPhone 15 Pro Max with Titanium from the Android Police podcast

Apple's got slick marketing, but will it flex its newfound support for RCS?


Every morsel of gravity in the world hits the downhill this episode on the Android Police podcast with OpenAI sacking CEO Sam Altman while Apple outsteps Nothing in bridging the gap between iMessage and the rest of the modern texting world - and there's a very good reason why now was the time for the company to get on board with Google and RCS. But we start things off with Daniel out in Los Angeles not talking about how Tony Hawk was at MediaTek's own summit this week. It's all chaos, all the time.

valve-steam-deck-oled-mosaic 1
The Steam Deck OLED hits the Android Police podcast in the face

But our discussion about Epic Games is bonkers, too


Of course we're going to talk about Humane's silly AI Pin on the Android Police podcast this week — spoiler: we don't make it out to be as silly as you might think it is. That plus a recap of Epic v. Google in the courts and the absolute shambles that is mobile gaming right now as well as a new (but very familiar) Steam Deck that hit us right between the eyes!

How shiny is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE? Mirror-grade. 1
The Galaxy S23 FE is redeemed (and damned) by the Android Police podcast

And we can't keep the OnePlus Open shut (conversation-wise, that is)


After two weeks away, Daniel rejoins the Android Police podcast this week to be the ketchup to our mustard and mayonnaise... who the other two are is up to you. Anyways, we catch up with some chat on the Snapdragon X Elite chips, bemoan the Galaxy S23 FE, continue to praise the OnePlus Open, and give Google a sideways glance and ask how it's doing in court in the next 73 minutes... and then Baby Daniel joins us with his ten-year-old Nexus 5 review to wrap the show.

snapdragon-8-gen-3-hero 1

Will is at the helm for this week's Android Police podcast, but he's also at Qualcomm's annual product launch press junket in Hawaii. Once again, Chris Patrick, SVP and GM of Handsets, joins us. So, what did the chipmaker bring everyone out to the islands for this year? ARM computing, artificial intelligence, mobile console gaming, and not much 5G. The agenda's definitely a different look from previous years, so let's get into it.

oneplus-open-black 1
Mr. Mobile cracks OnePlus Open with the Android Police podcast

That was a lame headline and I'm sorry for it, Michael


The one and only Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher to the rest of us) is back on the Android Police podcast to trade notes with Will on the OnePlus Open! This episode was recorded on Tuesday evening right before they put the finishing touches on their actual reviews, so if you want to play editorial whack-a-mole and check for any discrepancies in what they say versus what they've written down, feel free to do just that!

fitbit-charge-6-with-google-pixel-8 1
How hot is the Pixel 8 Pro, the Android Police podcast asks

The AI is certainly hot and cold


The Pixel 8 Pro is dumb. Just dumb. You think you can make it all smart with this artificial intelligence crap, Google? How about you just say the quiet part out loud to the Android Police podcast about why it's $300 more than the Pixel 8? This week, a single 50-minute rant as performed by three tech nerds. Also, a reminder that Kirby did not do 9/11 and that it's always Waluigi Time (sound clip not included in the episode).

google-pixel-8-pro-blue-back-next-to-pixel-7-1-1 1
The Pixel 8 is a consternating phone for the Android Police podcast

Featuring friend of the show, the great Mishaal Rahman


Our most favorite hardcore Android nerd, Mishaal Rahman, joins the Android Police podcast for what else but for Pixel 8 announcement week! And if we had spent our time just talking about the phones themselves, it still would've breached more than an hour to become our newest longest episode yet. But we've got a little bit of Pixel Watch 2, a little Android 14, and a little luncheon to carry us through another half-hour. Enjoy!

ap-best-smartphone-data-plans 1
Best value smartphone data plans in the US right now for single lines and families

Now may be the right time to cut down on your wireless bill

By  and

The easiest mistake to make when signing up for a new smartphone data plan is overbuying. Carriers are happy to push new customers toward their biggest and most fully-featured plans with phone deals and promotions, but you might end up spending way more than necessary in the long run.

Fitbit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker on a cyclist 1
The Fitbit Charge 6 floods our mailbag on the Android Police podcast

Turns out you have some thoughts on trackers


On this Android Police podcast, Will is trapped by rising floodwaters, a war ensues between the titanium, stainless steel, and plastic camps, and Ara records a personal best on the number of rants in an episode. Get up to date on the Fitbit Charge 6 (and our listeners' thoughts on trackers and smartwatches), imagine all the colors of the Galaxy S24, and see if Google can make this year's Pixel phones last into 2030. Now with even more sound effects.

Amazon-Echo-Pop-Alexa-Smart-Speaker (7) 1
The emptiness of Alexa sends the Android Police podcast spiraling

Can you have a heart-to-heart with a soulless voice?


The Android Police podcast may need a name change. And no, The Vergecast is taken. But for a show that delves into the profundity of notions such as the phases of smartphone design and the uncanny valley that is a conversation with a voice assistant, we also get to inject bits of "Her" and "Short Circuit" into the mix. So there's that. We've got chat about the Fitbit Charge 6, Pixel 8a, Amazon's hidden Fire HD 10 and a whole smattering of in-between bits that we just can't stay away from. This is our longest episode yet in this iteration and the show notes go to reflect it. Get ready for some links, buddy.

iphone-15-gaming 1

The Android Police podcast, in our duty to you as a full-service technology publication despite the narrow avenue our name would imply, is here for a go-around with Apple's new iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 lineups. We also touch upon some more Pixel 8 hopes and a heartwarming turnaround for old robopets. Finally, we dig into our mailbag for the first time because you listeners are extremely eager to spill your guts about Android launchers. This show's 63 minutes long and I can promise you it's worth every second of your time.

pixel-8-pixel-8-pro-teaser-image hero edit 1
Get Taylor Swift to sell the Pixel 8 says the Android Police podcast

Wow, this camera's zoom is quite... swift


A new era in Android has begun. Not Android 14 - Google looks to be off its scheduled launch window and that's got everybody in the industry scrambling. We do get a better picture, however, of when we'll be able to play with new Pixels and we preview Apple's new pickings coming up on this episode of the Android Police podcast.

fairphone-5-back-on-colorful-background 1
The Fairphone 5 gets a fair shot on the Android Police podcast

We also talk about Pixels in an elevator shaft


It's the IFA show on the Android Police podcast this week as we pour it on Huawei not even pretending that Honor is still functionally its Western-facing apparatus and pushing a foldable phone-purse hybrid. JBL's got some loud speakers that will look good in your home (or not) and work with everything. Also, we've got more Pixel intel about how it'll truly become the iPhone of Google's eye.

sony-playstation-portal 1
The PSP is back and the Android Police podcast is here for it

Portable, Portal, same difference


Apple once again turns around from an anti-consumer stance and could stand to benefit in the public eye because of it. This week on the Android Police podcast, we're covering the company's newfound support for California's right to repair bill. We'll also hit the shoulder triggers for some new handhelds - including a revival of the PSP - debuting at Gamescom.

A gray Google Pixel Watch laying on a blue plate 1
Arms (and lugs) up for the Pixel Watch 2 and the Android Police podcast

What we're looking for with a redux


On the Android Police podcast this week, our arms are circling back around the clock to our Galaxy Watch 6 review and springing forward to the Pixel Watch 2 as we're on the rumor watch. We'll stop with wordcraft and continue with more ineffective PR campaigns from Google whether you're dealing with training its AI (or the perceived sucking of data for the purposes of training that AI) or blocking ads on YouTube. We cover it all. Lost was good.

samsung-galaxy-z-fold-5-review-04 1

Our official verdicts on the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5, Watch 6, and Tab S9 series are online and Stephen Schenck is in for Will this week to help us expand upon them in vocal form on the Android Police podcast. With iteration the name of this battle, where does the next one take us in this "war?" Also up in the episode, some grumblings about the Pixel Watch 2, Android 14, and One UI 6. And we write up a manuscript for a new Google-y movie starring Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci.

google-pixel-7-lineup-pixel-fold-pixel-tablet-pixel-watch-2 1

We're celebrating the big one-zero at the Android Police podcast, but not for ourselves (though we do get a pizza party at the end of the show). We're taking a look back at three Google products that helped get Google's hardware department where it is today: the Chromecast, the Nexus 7 (the second one), and the Moto X.

samsung-galaxy-z-fold-5-hands-on-07 1
Galaxy Z Fold 5? More like Galaxy Z Flub 5, says the Android Police podcast

Hope you're ready for some late-pod moisture...


It's a flub. A flop. Samsung's pocket flaps are showing and the numbers are not good. At least that's what we're making of this week's Unpacked event. Daniel, Ara, and Will are putting in their say on this episode of the Android Police podcast. From the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, the Galaxy Watch 6, and the Galaxy Tab S9 series (which we didn't remember inviting to the party), there's just a lot of gristle to chew through. Sharpen your teeth.

Samsung Unpacked 2022 teaser 1

After a break last week to recover from Prime Day and some unwelcome strep, we're back with a preview of what Samsung will Unpack this week! You can tell from the brimming excitement in our hosts' voices that there will be plenty to look forward to with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5. Or maybe we'll talk about Motorola again, look, I just cut the show up and write the notes up, I can't be held responsible for what Will does.

threads-alt-ap-hero 1

The social media news cycle was on meth this week. We don't know how else to say it. Twitter and Reddit continue their slow-motion meltdowns while Mark Zuckerberg actually comes out the winner for once. This episode of the Android Police podcast is dominated by Threads and where the yarn goes from here.

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